So it all started over food. Jeff says "I need to drop off a car on Saturday in San Luis Obispo, anyone want to ride back?" It was so ridiculous that of course my answer would have to be yes. Jeff and I had just met just once before during the Don't Get Fat Camp: PV Ride (Day 4) so it was going to be interesting spending 12+ hrs with someone who I barely knew wasn't all that sure I could keep up with.

Getting Started
Friday morning I did my normal ride to work with my Laptop and two 40oz smoothies in addition to my camel back, phone charger, 2lbs of dates, change of clothes, & extra socks for the ride down. I crammed all this in my backpack and headed to work (I wish now I would have weighed it). Jeff showed up at my work and patiently waited for me to finished with my customers and we were on the road around 5:30pm.

I was reminded why I ride my bike as it took us 20min to merge from the 10E to the 405N. On the way up we stopped at an Albertson's in Buellton and the cashier and bagger freaked out about the quantity of banana's we were buying. For the rest of the trip we (but mostly I) fueled up on Banana/Romaine Lettuce Taco's all the of the way to San Luis Obispo.

We arrived to drop the car off at Kristina & Jeff's place & hung with them and Ozzy for a bit. We talked about food, rides, elite races, elite racers, and the "L" word came up a couple of times before we finally got some rest.

The Ride

To Rest Stop 1 (19.9mi):
We woke up at 7:15am to the sun coming through the window. The weather was sunny & clear which let me carry less stuff (which is always a plus.) We were rolling on the bikes by about 8:30am. We skipped coffee and headed through downtown SLO looking at all the small shops. Jeff was worried about having a headache later from his coffee deficiency. We rolled onto Hwy1, through Pismo Beach then stopped at a gas station between Oceano and Chandler.

To Rest Stop 2 (58.45mi):
We left the gas station and continued through the small farming town of Guadalupe that looked pretty deserted. There talk earlier of some amazing coffee shop here but we never found it. The first big climb was up and over Harris Grade Road and with a fun decent into Lompoc. We took a bathroom break at the edge of town before the next climb.

To Lunch Stop (102.11mi):
Out of Lompoc comes a slow gradual climb on San Julian Road on into Gaviota with views of grassy mountains, cows, and hawks, & at this point I think we had seen our 4th skunk road kills. Jeff at some point along this stretch had some nasty noises coming from his rear wheel. We stopped to fix it and turned out to be the lockring for the rear cassettes was loose. Since neither of us (or anyone else I know) normally rides with a cassette tool, Jeff used both of our multi-tools to snug it up until we could get to our lunch stop. Our 100mi lunch stop was to be at our mutual friend Justin & Lydia's place in Santa Barbara. I was definitely ready for a break & was stoked on seeing my friend again after over a year. With about 2mi to go and "as good as there" Jeff gets a flat.

To Rest Stop 3 (179.04mi):
We spent about 45min at Justin's place and fed ourselves a crate of tangerines until we filled a huge bowl to the top with the peels (check it out in the picture). Justin decided to roll along for the next 7miles through the UCSB bike path & then along the bike path that runs through More Mesa. This is amazing path that runs through many shaded and marshy area's. Jeff & I continued on our own through Santa Barbara and onto Carpenteria. The surf was looking good at Rincon but it was fairly crowded.

Jeff got another flat just after Rincon (that's Rincon Point in the background). A lady drove up behind us (should have gotten a picture) and wanted to make sure we were OK. It was just getting dark and she said she was going the other way on the freeway and TURNED AROUND just to check on us. That is just amazing that she would do that for someone. We thanked her as she drove off & I noticed a USA Tri sticker on the back window. We were pacing pretty well through Ventura but come Port Hueneme, I was starting to gas out and was having a hard time hanging on to Jeff. Realizing I had not been eating enough, I ate like 10 dates and was feeling better after about 15min. We came around the corner at Point Mugu and I was expecting this to be the "fun" fast section, but instead we hit headwinds. Strong and gusty headwinds, with sand blowing in our faces! But, it was only for a little while and we hammered on though. This kicked my but though, and Jeff tells me he's out of water, so I give him my waterbottle. And by the time we hit Zuma, I'm totally spaced out, needing food, water and my toes were cramping. I kicked off my shoes outside. I'm in my socks walking through the store checking out a bag of these peanut butter pretzel sandwiches (reading the label to make sure they're vegan with my blurred out, wind beaten, watery eyes). Oh man, how excited you can get over food!

To Rest Stop 4 (199.71mi)
Jeff & I get it back together and hammer out the last 30mi to Santa Monica, counting the hills to Pepperdine, since after that we're pretty much "home free," mentally anyways. I was feeling much better at this point and was thinking about what I was going to have for dinner...

To the end (206.5mi):
Jeff I ride up San Vicente and talk about the day and what is to come in the future. We split off at Bundy and head our separate ways.

I make it back to work, get my laptop, my clothes, & everything I had left there on Friday. Thow it all in the truck and barely make to burrito's at 9:58pm on the way home. I make it home and slept almost 11hours that night. Amazing adventure!


The Off Season

I've taken a pretty long break from the bike training and from the entire bike scene in general for a few months. Put in a couple 60mi rides and only a handfuls of runs since the 508 October. During these few months I been putting all of my "training time" into the business (Aircraft Repair Station) and with the all of the rain we've had, I've been ride sharing to get my laptop back and forth in a dry condition. We've been keeping fairly busy in this time of layoffs and other shops closing their doors. I'd like to think that we're still around due to the quality of work we put out and the fairness and superior customer service that we provide. We've been very fortunate to still maintain a stable work load. We're working on efficiency and quality control so we will continue stay ahead of the pack as jobs become more competitive. Looks like jobs are coming around and we've got some work lined up for a few months so it back to the bike for me......


SWARM! ride

This morning we did a nice easy pace road ride. Max, Megan, Molly and Michael (who rode 30mi out from Pasadena on no sleep) had made it out. We met at 9am at Dockweiler Beach (Imperial/Vista del mar) and headed out to Palos Verdes. The weather was perfect, cool and crisp with an offshore breeze. We could see Catalina and Point Dume at the same time which is a rare and beautiful site. I want to have more of these rides as a group since we don't see eachother that often it was great to get together with the crew and enjoy outside. It' snowing in Chicago and they are trapped in their houses with13 inches of snow. Some people say we miss the season, but as long as it's the crappy ones it's all good with me! We rode about 45mi all in all and ate at El Segundo Whole Foods. I had a wonderful time so thanks to everyone who came out and we'll have to do it again. Michael's a maniac. I don't know if you decided to ride home or take the rail but you had 75mi logged at Whole Foods so pretty awesome!


Eye Wart Experiment

So I've had this eye wart looking thingy for about a year. I've heared that it's a sun spot and that would make sense since I do 14hr rides on my bike and never wear sunglasses. So now I'm experimenting and today I put a zeolite drop in my eye. Zeolites have been known to pull out heavy metals and also help remove calcium deposits due to nanobacteria. We'll see how it goes!


Celebrate your dayz

Woke up this morning to some relatively cold wet weather. My wife and I went to the Moms' house, ate some breakfast and were off to do some outdoor ice skating (AT THE BEACH.)
The weather had cleared when we arrived though the ice was flooded with water from previous rains. We were determined to give it a go anyway which resulted in having the place all to ourselves. After about 10 minutes the rain came to say hello again and shewed us off the ice. We got a "rain check" so we can come back next week (two times for the price of one). Then we were off to another gathering in Venice.
There we celebrated "Boxmas" with friends. Kites flew though cloud and skateboards sailed through puddles as the rain began to come down once more. Epic!
What a beautiful day. The heavy rains eventually stopped as the clouds began to clear. The sun came back out and reminded me why I live in Southern California!


Holiday Cheer

Shop till you drop. Or pull the trigger, whatever happens first.



It's amazing what we have. The Whole Foods Market by my house has so many amazing food choices. Here we are at dinner eating root beer floats using "wild root" Kombucha, bananas, and Raw Vegan Ice Cream. WTF??? Amazing!